Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions and answers. If your question(s) is not answered here, please talk to us and we will more than happy to assist you.

YES, you are right.For a limited of time, we offer free delivery for all orders, no minimum spending required.
All toilet seat covers sold on this site are made from quality quick disposing tissues paper . It is environmental friendly and 100% biodegradable.
Well, everyone that uses public toilet should consider toilet seat covers for their own safety.However, toilet seat covers are great idea for businesses and organisations to keep your employees / customers' happy. Business and organisations that provide shared restrooms should provide toilet seat covers in the restroom to ensure peach of mind for all users. This is an easy and uncomplicated way to show your staff and customers that you have their personal welfare at heart, and increase satisfaction and royalty to your business / organisation.
Toilet seat cover is designed to cover the toilet seat completely, thereby avoids direct contact with the surface.
No. The idea of toilet seat covers is to avoid any contact with a dirty toilet seat. The toilet seat cover easily covers the toilet seat and you never have to touch the seat.
Just flush the toilet when you done. You do not need to remove the toilet seat cover from the toilet seat, it is 100% flushable, and no manual disposing is required